Happy Roger Bryan Day

Who? Read on:

Ok, so Roger should not completely get today named in his honor since his discovery starts out “Thirty days have November.” How then did it become “Thirty days has September?” Well, Wiki is on that too:


Having cleared all that up for you, how about I lay a new word on you in place of AFU? (Last question I will ask you today, promise.) My new word is Ianized as in all outdoors plans and events folks made for this coming weekend have been Ianized.

For instance, my buddy John Hamill has several of his running mates down visiting for a guys’ weekend. Among their plans were to do some fishing and golfing but Ian is dictating otherwise. Good news is their other plans to visit Buzzy’s, eat hard crabs, and consume mass quantities of alcohol are still good to go. (OBTW – it was Dan Aykroyd who coined that phrase “consume mass quantities” and is now an owner of several wineries, Crystal Head vodka and distributor of Patron in Canada (click here.) Obviously he knows all about being involved with some mass quantities of alcohol!

Here is Aykroyd and Belushi in this police car scene from their Blues Brothers movie. Reminds you of a couple Ridge boys in their cars doesn’t it? (Oops, guess I lied when I said no more questions for you!) Classic Belushi lines “The day I get outta jail, my own brother picks me up in police car” and “Fix the cigarette lighter.”)

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