Hello October

Maybe my favorite month, October has a lot going for it on all fronts – literally! Weather, events, parties, holidays, sports, you name it and October’s got it.

The only bad thing about October that I can think of is that it just brings us one month closer to ol’ man winter. Here’s how you know it’s a comin’:

The Old Farmers Almanac/boystown.org.com

I’d also like to add to this Signs of a Harsh Winter list “Big walnuts.” I heard this somewhere in my travels and recall Capt. Jerry Norris confirming for me that he too had heard tell of this as a predictor of winter weather. (For the record, the walnuts at Buzzy’s Country Store this year do appear to be a little on the small side, so we will see whether or not this foretells a mild winter.)

Birthday-wise in the extended Buzzy family, October is busy busy busy starting today as we celebrate my sister Lila’s and Connie Lepper’s birthdays.

On October 2nd, Kim Wiley celebrates her day; Rita Murphy on the 7th; Charlie Simms and Mark Dominiak on the 8th; Doug Byrne on the 9th, Robby Norris 12th, Chief Larry and Janet Whitt 15th, Joey Porter 17th, Bev Hall 18th, Pam Koon 22nd, Poogie Pulliam 24th, Connie Lynch 25th, David Norris 28th, Winky the 29th, Ned Pratt and Bruce Price on the 31st.

Mentioning Charlie Simms having his birthday this month and how he just keeps rolling along brought this tune to mind:

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