Photo Finishes – You Got to Be Quick

A recent Washington Post article reminded me that it has been awhile since I have posted anything photographical here on the Buzzyblog. The Post article of 6 September 2022 announced the winners of their annual Travel Photo Contest. (I don’t know if the Post’s paywall will let you access it or not, but try this link to view that article and all the winning photos (click here.))

Lots of great photos, but one in particular, taken by Gabriel Lee from Tacoma, Washington caught my eye along with an explanation of how he got such a great photo:

It made me think of my friend Rich Brewer and his interest in taking lightning photos such as this one over Monks Inn that he took in 2012:

(Note also that I have since learned how to correctly spell the word lightning.)

The few times that I ever attempted to capture lightning on film, I never quite managed to get the shot I wanted. Thus, when I saw Rich’s photos and complimented him, I asked how he managed to get such great photos of lightning. All I recall Rich saying was “You got to be quick.”

But when I read the explanation above of how Mr. Lee had used a lightning trigger gadget, I smiled and wondered if Rich had mentioned using such a gadget or not. With my memory becoming more and more hazy with each passing year, I’ll give Rich the benefit of the doubt and say that he did – even if I don’t recall it!

In this video you got to wait awhile before the lightning shows up but it will I garOntee it. Maybe someone should invent a lightning listening gadget!

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