Tom Times Two

Today’s Buzzyblog Twofer Tuesday looks at a couple of Public Service Announcements featuring Mr. Top Gun himself Tom Cruise.

This first video is one that I still don’t believe is for real. However, I could not find anything saying that it wasn’t. Check it out for yourself and see what you think:

A second Tom PSA has been around awhile, but I just now stumbled upon it while looking for info on the above biplane video. In the following video Tom discusses something that I have never known to be an issue – video interpolation or motion smoothing. (Sad isn’t it when the layman’s term doesn’t really help explain any better what the technical name was trying to say is the problem?!)

Check out Tom’s video below and then (click here) for a better explanation/discussion of this worrisome problem that is so big Tom felt compelled to do a PSA on it.

Think I am going to contact Tom and ask him that he do a PSA on Fin Rusticus Tabernae (the demise of old country stores) and what can be done about that versus him worrying about something lame like motion smoothing. (That said however, I do plan to check my T-V to see if this smoothing business is for real (click here.))

Couldn’t find any songs about motion smoothing but did land on this one about a biplane named Evermore:

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