Where to Eat

Whenever tourists and out of town folks wander into Buzzy’s Country Store and ask me where they can grab something to eat, I try to ascertain if they want to sit and be served or just grab and go.

If they respond “Sit and be served” I will then advise them that our two sit down restaurants in South County are Courtney’s and Pier 450. I continue by telling them that both are very nice, have great food and are only a couple miles away from Buzzy’s. I even have some directions printed up to give and assist them in finding their way down Wynne Road to both places.

That said however, the usual response I get from most folks is that they just want to grab and go. I then inform them of our 2 deli’s located just up the road from Buzzy’s in Ridge and the 2 located a couple miles further in St. James and St. Mary’s City. (If they seem like folks with a sense of humor, I’ll joke with them “You either got the Saints or Ridge, Take your choice.”)

Here then is a quick summary of the 4 eateries that I tell them about.

Richard Hutchens runs the Ridge Deli located in the Ridge Market and offers a daily special as follows:

The other deli in Ridge is Cousin Mike Ridgell’s Baymart that also features a daily special. (Mike also has a couple tables where you can sit and enjoy your food.)

Heading north on 235 a few miles is Sherry and Dave Thompson’s St. James Deli:

They have a daily special listed on their FB page each day but my favorite is their Cuban on Tuesday. (Warning – it is enough for two meals!)

Going up Rt. 5 through St. Mary’s City you will find Enso Kitchen where you can pick up a sandwich or some baked goods:

For those of you not too familiar with Enso’s, here is a good Baynet article featuring owner Rubing Yen (click here.)

Music-wise Weird Al has done a number of song parodies about food but at 10+ minutes, this one might just be his magnum opus on the subject:

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