The Maine Appeal

I had a nice couple in Buzzy’s Country Store the other day from Maine. The husband is in the Navy stationed at Pax River and the wife is a nurse. When I asked them where in Maine they were from the husband replied “Bangor, you know, the place with all the jokes made about it.” When he saw the puzzled look on my face he quickly explained “I took my girlfriend to Maine because…” I nodded and said “I got it.”

Although I have never been to Maine, it is on my list of places to see before I die. I have had several folks tell me how amazingly beautiful Maine is and someday I plan to check it out for myself.

My Daughter Reagan recently visited there with her friend Ben, and no they did not visit Bangor! Reagan posted all sorts of great photos that just made me want to visit Maine all the more. Here are a couple of Reagan’s FB photos:

Monson, Maine
Reagan and Ben Enjoying – What Else Do You Eat in Maine?

Another reason Maine has been on my mind has to do with something a little less familial and scenic as in – why do we see so many trailers on the road here in Maryland registered with Maine tags?

As always the simple answer is – money because Maryland charges more than does Maine for folks to register and tag their trailers. This includes tractor trailers and everything in between down to all the folks running around cutting grass with their lawnmower trailers in tow behind them. Next time you are out riding and driving just see how many Maine trailers there are on our roads.

Funny thing though, last month when Brady and I were driving up and down I45 between Houston and Dallas, we did not see one trailer tagged with Maine tags. Obviously Texas has figured out how to keep that registration money in their own State coffers and not given to Maine instead. Why isn’t Maryland doing something similar and smart?

I started to play the Maine State song here and while it’s not bad, the video with it didn’t really have any nice photos in it (click here to give a listen.) So since I started with a lame joke about Maine, how’s about something silly music-wise also to conclude this Maine event? (Sorry.)

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