A Little of This and A Little of That

Some things that caught my eye.

No doubt in my mind that “C” is the correct answer here:

But if you did do “A” the following is for you:

And while on the subject of food, RVFD will have some stuffed ham sandwiches for you:

Of course it ain’t over yet, but the Astros’ and Phillies’ are looking good to advance to the World Series:

Let’s See How They Fare Now That I’ve Put the JS Jinx on Them

When Justin Verlander shut the Yankees down in Game 1, he struck out 6 in a row tying a record he had already tied.

Seeing Moe Drabowsky Brings Back Some Good Memories

And since I am talking about the Astros and Phillies eliminating their opponents, there was this old fashioned “Unfriend” technique:

Did you see where Carly lost both of her older sisters a few days apart? (Click here for story.) It reminded me of this song she wrote about one or maybe even both of them:

Ball games on at Buzzy’s Country Store today. Drop in, drink and watch ’em.

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