It is sad enough that as you get older you lose all your best steps. What is just as sad, and maybe even sadder is having to say goodbye to your best friends and loved ones as they slip away. It has now been a year since Mike’s been gone.

As for the reference to Mike looking forward to his first Grandchild, it happened on 2 December when Callie Jane made her appearance courtesy of Aimee and JJ:

From Aimee’s FB Page

Mike was always a big Doors fan. He saw them perform in Baltimore at the Civic Center and often talked about what a great show it was (click here for a review of the 1970 show that I am fairly certain was the one that he attended.) Here then is one of the Doors’ lesser known tunes and while Jim is good as he always was, listen for Ray doing his thing on the two organ solos.

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