Buzzy Everywhere

Some “Buzzy” things for you and only one of them involves drinking. The other two deal with sex and pain. OK, now that I have your attention read on.

This from a Washington Post article on Wildlife Photographer of the Year:

So what’s going here? Some people say a woman is to blame and yes, it involves sex.

Buzzy also broke into the vibrator business but not the kind of vibrator you might be thinking of. This one deals with alleviating pain:

But more attuned with Buzzy’s Country Store, the Buzzballz people are offering their own line of merch that can be garnered with what they call Buzzies points.

Music-wise ever heard of Buzzy Linhart? Didn’t think so, but I bet you know this song that he co-wrote with Moogy Klingman:

And speaking of friends, put this on your to-do list for Wednesday evening when my friend John Carbone is Pier 450’s Celebrity Guest Chef:

I have had this Prochetta dish as prepared by Chef John and it is excellent. As he would say “It’s what’s for dinner.” (Note that Pier 450 was having some doo dahs with their reservation system but now have it all worked out. Buzz in (see how I slipped that in here) and reserve your seat for Celebrity Chef John’s offerings this Wednesday evening. Hope to see you there.)

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