Two Blue Foods

Today’s Buzzy Twofer Tuesday is a pop quiz for you. I will give you one answer upfront and your challenge, as you scroll thru this little discussion of blue edibles, is to come up with a second example.

Someone in Buzzy’s Country Store the other day asked “How come there aren’t any blue foods?” After a little to and fro about whether or not blueberries were really blue or purple, the consensus then landed on “Well, there aren’t too many foods that are blue.”

This conversation reminded me about once hearing some comedian discuss this mystery as to why there are no blue foods. While fairly certain as I can be at this point in my CRS dotage, I thought that I had heard this discussed somewhere previously, but couldn’t quite pull the trigger on just who it was.

Well, thanks to some Googlization, I have now learned that it was my main guy George who once asked and answered that question many moons ago. Here he is, in a blue shirt no less, discussing why there are no blue foods.

As to why the lack of blue foods, the simple answer it that it has to do with Chemistry (click here for a fuller explanation but I think that the bottom line answer is that no one really knows why this is the case.)

OK, pop quiz answer time – assuming that blue berries are indeed blue, did you come up with a second blue food item? Well, if you did not, it is gonna make you feel dumb when I tell you. (Full disclosure, I only thought of it when Carlin mentioned a blue fish as maybe or maybe not really being blue.)

How about our very own local blue boy – MBC?

Maryland Blue Crab

Musically, remember when the Smothers Brothers were so controversial? Seems like such a long time ago right? Wonder also, if this mixed marriage song would be considered too offensive for any of today’s overly sensitive folks?

Note – the final punch line is “Herman, don’t you sweetheart me, hic.” I guess the take away is that Sally walks straight when she’s drunk. Not real sure about that however.

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