Cars, Bull Roast, Oysters, Music, Candy and Blood Cuz

Couple South County events for you to attend tomorrow:

The Ridge American Legion will be hosting their first car and motorcycle show along with a Bull Roast and an Oyster Scald. Throw in some live music and you got a nice little (well, maybe not so little) party going down in Down County tomorrow afternoon. Check it out and enjoy the nice weather forecasted for the day.

Saturday evening Historic St. Mary’s City Commission is sponsoring the following free event

And as always if you’re just looking to kick back, sip a few and avoid all that meetin’ and greetin’ then Buzzy’s Country Store, like a good neighbor, is there for you.

And speaking of being Like a Good Neighbor, if you have never heard of Blood Cuz, he is a character created by comedian James “JayMac” McCowan. Here he is featured in this funny but very un-PC video. Check it out but don’t say I didn’t warn you that it is offensive on a number of fronts. Double-warning for you – after listening and watching this, you will never be able to hear the State Farm jingle again without thinking of this version.

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