It’s Only Rock n Roll, But They’re All Dead

Time to start profiling some Halloween yard decorations as we approach that celebration of All Hallow’s Eve at the end of this month. (I have previously discussed the origins and history of Halloween but if you need a refresher on this (click here.))

I always enjoy checking out the various yard decorations that folks construct at this time of year in honor of Halloween. Some of these decorations are funny, some are clever, and some are very elaborate.

Joey Porter’s Rock and Roll’s Sacrifice in front of his Dameron home manages to embrace all three of these qualities. (The fourth criteria of being scary really can’t be determined until night time when things get kinda spooky right?)

I stopped by Joey’s yesterday morning and took the following photo:

My photo doesn’t really do it justice (these cell phones still don’t have their wide angle act together just yet.) Therefore, I enlarged portions of the photo to give you a better look at Joey’s work. See if you can identify all of the honorees that Joey has made tombstones for:

The Dread Lock Skeleton is Too Funny
Is That a Free Bird Next to Ronnie?

Note – if you were able to identify all of these dead rockers, you get to go to the head of your Rock n Roll Dead class.

When it comes to being dead though, leave it to Randy to poke some fun at rockers who may still be on this side of the dirt, but probably should have retired long ago. For instance, take note of Eagles’ Don Henley singing along with Randy. Brings up the eternal question someone once asked about a rock group “How can we miss you when you never really went away?”

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