Cats R Us

For all you cat lovers out there who feel that the Buzzyblog has not given them enough love and attention thru the years, well, this one’s for you:

“For a Purrfect Meal Remember – It’s All in the Presentation”

It is a little slack on the activities’ scene in South County this weekend save for these 2 events:

Of course, Buzzy’s will be open and with temps forecasted to be in the 70’s, it makes for a good time to be sitting on a front porch sipping a cool one. Also, it is MLB’s Division playoff weekend with 3 games played today starting at 1 o’clock and 4 tomorrow. Sunday’s MLB schedule may even feature a couple of Game 5 showdowns so that will be worth watching too. Can’t beat it – Buzzy’s, baseball AND booze; but NO damn cats.

I have played this Poison Cat-song for you perviously, but the blonde makes it worthy of an encore. Who knows, I may just have to start posting more cat-related videos.

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