Charlie at 96 Years Young

Here are a couple of photos I took of our Birthday Boy Charlie before he decided to stir things up a little at Buzzy’s Country Store this past Saturday.

Shortly, after cutting his cake, Charlie was sitting out on the Buzzy front porch when he began feeling a little ill to the point that his son Glenn called 911 to come check him out.

When all this was relayed to me inside the Store, my first thought and worry was overwhelming concern for Charlie. However, as I made my way to the porch to check on him, being the self-centered schmuck that I am, my second thought was a prayer to my Higher Power “Please Lord don’t let him go outta here at my place at this time. Get those Rescue folks here and take care of him.”

Well, turns out that my connections with my HP may not be as torn and frayed as I thought they were, because the Rescue Squad folks did arrive shortly and did take good care of Charlie.

After they checked him out, Charlie was given the ok and returned to the porch albeit on a gurney. Someone noted “He walked over to the ambulance for them to check him out; but after saying that he was ok, they brought him back to the porch on a gurney.” With Charlie, you never know.

Sunday, Charlie went with Pat Adams to Marshall’s Celebration of Life at Clarke’s Landing. However, every day since then he has been back at Buzzy’s at his customary 4 o’clock time. Charlie is truly the most amazing person that I have ever known.

I nicked this from Glenn’s FB page:

Think about that for a minute – Pax River opened in 1943. Charlie arrived there 6 years later and has been here ever since. A final note from Glenn is pretty cool also.

To that I would only add “Don’t feel too bad Glenn because your Dad is way cooler than all of us!”

Charlie on His Indian – 22 Years Old

This tune seems appropriate:

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