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Has Nothing to Do With The Following – Just Thought It Funny Enough to Pass Along

Believe it or not, I do do some review and assessment of Buzzyblog posts to see how they are being received. (And yes, I did just slip “do do” in there on you for the first and hopefully last time you will ever have to read such – well you know.)

Assisting me in reviewing Buzzyblog posts, Word Press has some built-in tools and analysis. I can tell how many hits or views any given Buzzyblog post attains, how often it is shared and of course view any reader feedback that it generates. The overall goal in trucking along this internet highway is maximizing something known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or in plain English – getting as many hits as you can. (Guess you could say that this is not unlike the challenge for any baseball batter, junkie or hooker.)

Also, another Word Press aid is a feature that will critique what I write with the overall purpose of maximizing views. The SEO feature will evaluate my draft post based on Content, Readability, and even length. (Yes, as far as SEO is concerned size does matter.) They recommend a minimum standard for a post to be 300 words. If below 300, as I am now, they will recommend adding more content.

Because Word Press automatically loads these posts onto Facebook, the overall hits and views for the Buzzyblog have gone way up. Hence, the SEO business appears to be doing what it is supposed to do.

As always, I appreciate you checking into the Buzzyblog like you do and urge you to keep coming back. I promise not to be as boring as I was here today talking all this SEO mumbo jumbo.

And since I “hit” you with it above, check out the Stones’ Do-do song:

Today’s critique (@ 304 I just made it!)

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