October Recycle From 2008

Let’s go back to 2008 here on the Buzzyblog and the following post:

Phone at Last

____________________________________________________________________________________Upon seeing this, I called Lorraine who told me that she spent 3 weeks in Chesapeake Shores Nursing Home convalescing after having both her knees replaced in 2008. She also told me how Donna Jean would always bring treats and goodies that she had prepared for her and Buzzy.

A British singer named Lorraine Crosby sang the female vocals that Meat Loaf used on this hit of his. After doing all the singing for the record however, Lorraine then had to watch a model named Dana Patrick lip synch her vocals in the Meat Loaf video here starting @ 5:50 mark. Maybe giving Lorraine some credit for her singing on the record was the thing that Meat Loaf was referring to when he said “I won’t do that.”

Charlie Simms’ birthday celebration later today at Buzzy’s around 4 o’clock. Stop bye to wish him well and say Happy Birthday. After all, how many 96 year old birthday parties have you been to where the celebrant drives his car there to meet up with you?

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