Take the Long Way Home

Recall my reverse wind discussion the other day? Well, coming home from Chantilly yesterday I had to do some reverse circular thinking as we approached the Beltway and needed to decide whether we were going north to Baltimore or south to Richmond. Having previously made the mistake of heading in the wrong direction around the beltway, I always slow down and think twice about which way to go. Of course the car’s GPS lady always knows what she is doing so I listened to her too. (Then again, I always listen to women who sound like they know what they are talking about.)

Unfortunately, my in-laws in their vehicle without GPS ended up going north on the Beltway and took the long way home. Their reasoning was logical in that Baltimore is in Maryland and they were heading back to Maryland. However, going the way they did put them in the Cabin John/I70/270 traffic jam mess and consequently they didn’t get back to Piney Point until much later than we did.

It brought to mind something a friend of mine once told me about going to Bart’s first wedding up in Silver Spring. He rode to the wedding with my brother Stevie and of course large quantities of alcohol and drugs (hence my friend’s name remaining anonymous) were consumed throughout the day’s event.

Later in the afternoon, as they left the wedding and hit the Beltway, my friend asked Stevie “You know what exit we’re looking for?” To which Stevie said “Yeah I got it.”

Well, long story short, after an hour or so of riding around the Beltway, Stevie’s co-pilot asked him “Are you sure you got this? Because this is the second time we have seen this Mormon Temple!”

Mormon Temple as Seen From Beltway

Not only was Stevie going in the wrong direction around the Beltway but he also had bypassed the Waldorf exit.

Supertramp had the big hit with Take the Long Way Home, but think I prefer Tom doing this one of his.

And speaking of doing things the wrong way, aren’t you hoping that when the guy who invented USB dies and they place his coffin in the ground, they realize that they did it wrong and have to pull him back up and do it again?!

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