Gimme Three Wishes

Powerball – a tax on people who are bad at math.

All the Powerball talk in Buzzy’s Country Store this week got me thinking about the Three Wish joke. You know how it goes – dude finds a lamp, rubs it, Genie pops out, grants dude three wishes and hilarity ensues.

Money of course factors into the Three Wish joke, but the most frequent Three-Wish-Joke-punchline has to do with a 12 inch pianist. Assuming you know that one, I’ll skip it in favor of three other penis-related variations of the joke:

Other variations do not necessarily involve a genie and a lamp but the penis wish is still present:

In this song Lynyrd Skynyrd used all 3 of their wishes via one request:

For more info on that concert and how Ronnie and the boys lit things up (click here.) Some guitar trivia for you, the song’s co-writer Allen Collins is seen in the video above playing an iconic guitar – Gibson’s Limited Edition 1958 Explorer. Only a handful, some accounts say 20 – 50, Explorers were made that year (click here for the history of the Explorer) and hence are now worth $200,000 – $300,000 each. Reportedly, Collins’ Explorer guitar is on display in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, but I was unable to verify that.

Since I started with a Powerball observation, I’ll conclude here with one: Question – what is the best way to double your money playing Powerball? Answer – fold it in half and put it back in your wallet!

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