Sister Gregory

Going thru some photos the other day I found this one I took of my Seventh Grade teacher Sister Mary Gregory. I’m glad I found this because it made me stop and think how nice and kind Sister looks in my photo when that is not actually how I have always remembered her.

I could pass along numerous Sister Gregory stories but let’s just say that she was a very demanding teacher. And while she was ok and decent to me, several of my friends aren’t able to say likewise about her. That she did not always get the respect she deserved and expected, I would say that the blame goes a little of both ways – on her and on those of us who gave her such a hard time.

But she was a good person and did dedicate her entire life to helping others. I found this 1990 Enterprise article (click here) where she was recognized for all of her efforts on our behalf. (Note that the article was written by Buzzy’s good friend George Havens.)

In April of 1994 my St. Michael’s classmate from back then Marge Carroll wrote the following letter to the Enterprise :

Sister Gregory died two months later (click here.)

Kinda wish that I had done as Marge suggested in her letter and contacted my most memorable teacher.

Music-wise, the song Sister Christian was not written about a nun sister but was a message from the songwriter to his little sister Christy (click here.)

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