Mistaken Monday

Couple weeks back when discussing Joe and David Norris singing songs about growing up in Southern Maryland, the old spell check guru nailed me by switching the word growing to throwing. Obviously, songs about “throwing up in Southern Maryland” are yet to be written.

Compounding that initial mistake, I then did not catch it when I did my proof reading and hit the publish button to put it out there for all to see. It didn’t take long for me to learn of my mistake.

Within a couple of minutes I had several folks text, comment, message me to say “Uh, think you meant to say growing up and not throwing up!” (My thanks to those of you who were nice enough to tell me of this.)

Thankfully, Word Press allows immediate edits and updates to published posts, so I was able to correct the mistake fairly quickly. I recall once hearing something to the effect that any mistake that can be fixed is not a mistake. Don’t know as I go along with that logic entirely, but do sorta get what they are trying to say. (There is a whole other discussion to be had about the difference between a mistake and an accident. Boils down to mistakes are made while accidents just happen. For instance, texting while driving is a mistake that can cause someone else to be in an accident that wasn’t their fault. Or something like that. To put it in Buzzy terms, it would be an accident if the beer cooler stopped working; but it would be a mistake, make that a huge mistake, if we then tried to sell hot beer to folks.)

When I thought my way thru this mistake maze earlier, I knew that I had the right song all set to play here in conclusion because it actually contains a mistake in it: Monday Monday by the Mamas and Papas.

However, after I found and played that tune a couple times, I realized that I had the wrong “mistake song” by them. (Yes, I made a mistake about their mistake song. What are the odds of that?) Turns out that it was not their Monday Monday tune with the mistake in it after all, but this one as follows:

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