Maybe I Was Dancing With Mr. D

In one of her better “I told you so” moments, Pam directed me to the following Baltimore news story yesterday (click here.)

I ate at Dino’s this past Saturday night while we were staying in Johns Hopkins Hospital. When I mentioned to Pam what my dinner plans were, she tried to talk me out of it and cautioned me not to do so. Usually I will heed her advice on things like this, but I was tired of the hospital fare we had had all week and the thought of having a Gyro for dinner at a Greek diner one block away seemed like a winner to me. I told her “It’s only a block away. I won’t have any problem.”

And I didn’t. As you can see from my receipt below, I had a Greek salad with several strips of gyro and knocked it all down with a bottle of Deer Park. It was, as Guy Fieri might say “like riding the bus to flavortown!”

For entertainment, as I ate my meal, I watched several customers drop in to pick up carry out orders that they had called in. All in all it was a nice change of pace from the whole hospital scene.

But by the time I had finished eating my meal and made my way out of Dino’s, it had gotten very dark outside. As I set out to make my way back to hospital, I didn’t dilly dally.

However, when I saw a couple dudes hanging around on the corner that I was about to cross over to, I detoured over to the hospital garage side of the street to avoid having to have anything to do with them. I remember thinking of Buzzy’s caution to me in London years ago when I told him I was venturing out to see a play one night. He warned me to “Remember, you’re a country boy in the city and don’t know what you’re doing. So be careful.”

Long story short, I made it back to the 11th floor of the hospital and told Pam that her worries were for naught. She didn’t say anything more about it until yesterday when she showed me the story about a shooting at Dino’s. There was this write up about the incident:

All of which leads me to conclude that perhaps my venturing out to Dino’s was not such a cool move after all. Hate it when Pam’s right. Maybe one day I’ll learn to listen to her.

And since I nicked their title, I might as well play their song:

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