Only a Month

Here is a hopeful thought for you – this time next month Christmas will be over as in come and gone!

However, in between now and then we suck it up and endure all those things that we do to celebrate what some claim to be the most wonderful time of the year. Good luck with all that.

But before saying our goodbyes to Thanksgiving 22, one more thought about it from the man himself Mark Twain.

Mark Twain was born on 30 November 1835. When he turned 70 in 1905, his friends planned a birthday party for him. However, back then Thanksgiving was celebrated on the last Thursday of the month which fell on the 30th in that year and caused Twain’s party to be postponed a week. The ole boy wasn’t too happy about it and made the following comments:

FDR would eventually designate that Thanksgiving be celebrated on the 4th Thursday of every November. However, Twain’s birthday was not one of the reasons he did so. Can you guess why? Clue – it had to do with money (click here.)

And speaking of money and Twains, here is a little something from Shania:

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