Buzzy Visitors

Another nice thing about the Thanksgiving holiday time that I particularly like is folks moving around, visiting, partying and just having fun. For example, this past Friday the Feicht family made their annual visit to Buzzy’s after celebrating Turkey Day in RoDo Beach. My thanks to all them for keeping Buzzy’s a part of their Thanksgiving tradition.

It’s Almost 5 O’clock Somewhere

Saturday, Kellie and George Hinkle made Buzzy’s one of their go-to stops on their Support Small Business tour:

They also stopped at Pier 450 and Chief’s. I’m feeling very honored to have had Buzzy’s included along with those great places on their itinerary. Thank you Kellie and George!

And since I mentioned this tune, you know it well enough that I don’t have to play it for you. But check out this funny breakdown of it. Hang with it at least to 7:35 to hear about Jimmy making his appearance in the song. Funny stuff.

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