Spider-Man Drops In For a Visit

Speaking of visitors (yesterday’s post) my Grandson Blaise had a nice Sunday visit from his favorite Super Hero Spider-Man:

Marley and Stoney looking on wondering “What’s Spider-Man doing here in our house?!”

Spider-Man was actually Dylan Birmingham who had worn his costume into Buzzy’s Country Store on Halloween. That was when I contracted him to make a trip over to Tall Timbers and surprise Blaise and family.

Dylan Even Looks Like Peter Parker

Inspired by having another Spidey in the house, Blaise then changed into his outfit. Here are the two Spideys aiming their web shooters at me.

Two Spideys (Check Out the Spidey Bean Bag in Background)

Not to be outdone, littler sister Marley joined in the Spidey action too:

Spider Woman?

And here is Big Brother Spidey web entrapping his Little Brother Stoney who laughed about it.

Spidey and Stoney – Sounds Like a Movie

Musically, this Michael Buble fella sure gets around doesn’t he?

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