Clothes Encounters

A few weeks back Steve “Polack” Soroka sent his Buzzy friends a very nice Christmas card. In return, I sent him a Buzzy care package with a hat and a shirt. Here is what he texted back to me:

He also included some photos of him in his new Buzzy apparel:

Polock Poolside in Kissimmee, Florida

And speaking of Buzzy photos and attire, just yesterday for the Buzzyblog Christmas Day message, I went looking for photos of the Buzzy Storefront. I have a number of such photos stashed in a folder by that name. (Remember when the word “stash” had a completely different meaning?)

As I looked over the many photos in the folder, I had to smile when I came upon one of my all time favorites of Steve and my Dad sitting on the Store front porch:

Don’t know what they were looking at, but do know that Steve was about to play some karaoke for us and is decked out in his Redskins’ colors. On the other hand, I am not at all sure just what Buzzy was doing sporting all that pink attire.

As for the musical Pink, check her out here inducting Dolly into the Rock n Roll HoF. Stick with it to the 20:00 mark where Dolly hits the stage in her black leather rock and roll outfit and does a funny song about her being inducted into the HoF:

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