Merry Christmas – 22

Christmas colors are usually thought of to be red and green. (Think of all those ugly Christmas sweaters you see everyone running around in at this time of year and most ALL of them are some combination of red and green!)

However, my Christmas color preferences would be blue and white:

Merry Christmas From Buzzy and Old Blue
White Christmas Buzzy Style – Photo by Brian Barnhill

Reportedly, Elvis did not want to record and release the tune Blue Christmas so he asked his back up singer Millie Kirkham and the other back up singers to screw it up as much as they could (click here.) Following Elvis’ directions, they then came up with the awful “woo-ooh-ooh” part of this song that was so bad that it was good. Listen for it:

As for a White Christmas tune, Clyde and his backup singers The Drifters’ version remains my all time favorite:

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