Happy Christmas Eve!

As for sending and receiving Christmas cards, I confess that I do like receiving them even if I don’t send out any. Nice to be thought of. To date I have received several very nice cards from many folks including my sisters Donna and Lila along with a nice Buzzy-crew card from Steve (Polock) Soroka retired and living in Florida.

Then there are the business-related cards sent by various vendors and distributors to Buzzy’s Country Store. The nicest of these cards that I received was the following one from Guy Distributing:

Reminded me of the 10 ounce Bud NPR story in 2006 discussing Mr. Guy asking Gussie Busch Jr. back in 1956 to bring the Clydesdales to the County. Hear Mr. Guy’s son Glenn discuss how this came about at the 3:20 mark in the following. Wait for the story’s end too where the interviewer visits Buzzy’s Country Store and interviews Jim Gray and Jimmy Cullison.

Music-wise, in recognition of your Saturday Christmas Eve visit from you-know-who, check out this SNL skit featuring Amy, Kristen and Maya and see if you don’t agree how great it is. Note how the refrain “Santa’s My Boyfriend” is based on the melody from Little Shop’s infamous Dentist Song:

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