Brothers and Stuffed Ham

Twofer Tuesday and here is something that all you First and Second District folks will appreciate: when it comes to stuffed ham, Chief’s in Tall Timbers is the current champ in that endeavor. However, for many years before the Dent brothers were doing their thing, the Raley boys (and their Dads before them) at Raley’s Market in Ridge were very well known and recognized for their stuffed ham. (Note that Ray and Danny are first cousins and their fathers Ross and Francis were brothers.)

As for Chief’s and the Dent brothers Andy and David, I am going back a couple years here to a draft of something that popped up the other day after I had discussed the Southern Maryland This is Living Magazine: an article on Chiefs Restaurant in the magazine’s Spring 2018 issue.

I had started on this item but never finished it when Andy suddenly passed away. Here is what I had prepared.

There was a great article on Chief’s Restaurant written by Angela Mattingly Breck in the Spring 2018 issue of Southern Maryland This is Living magazine.

Angie and her cousin Amy Aud were in Buzzy’s Country Store the other day when the conversation turned to Chief’s.  I broke out a copy of the above article and, not knowing that the author was right there at my counter, I showed it to them telling them what a great article it was. 

Angie informed me that she was the author of the article.   (I thanked God that all of my comments about the article had been complimentary!) I then had Angie autograph the article for me.  (Look closely below the photo of the stuffed ham egg roll at the bottom of the page above.)


Just last month of this year, Peggy and Cathy at Pier 450 Restaurant featured Danny and Ray Raley as part of their excellent Celebrity Chef’s dinners. Danny and Ray did a presentation on their recipe and process for stuffing a ham.

From the video (click here) you can see that it was very well done and indeed a great time. (I am very sorry that I missed it as I was in Hopkins with Pam when she was having her back surgery done. However, I am working on a plan to try and talk Danny and Ray into visiting Buzzy’s sometime in the future and doing an encore of their stuffed ham presentation. Stayed tuned for that.)

Back to the Dent Brothers, here is David discussing their stuffed ham:

Musically, it seems that the Celine lady is going through some very serious doo-dahs health wise (click here.) Stiff Person Syndrome sure sounds like something a couple of women I have know personally in my short time here on the Third Rock may have been afflicted with. Jes sayin’.

And speaking of brothers, check out this nice update on the Smothers Brothers who are in their 80’s and still rattling around (click here.)

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