Queens of Christmas

I know you have been busy with all your holiday prep stuff so you may have missed this Mariah Carey Queen of Christmas back and forth.

Last month, the trademark folks turned down Mariah’s request to claim exclusive legal rights to the title Queen of Christmas (click here.) She is now doing a quasi-spin control campaign saying that she never really called herself the Queen of Christmas (click here). In an interview on the Colbert show (below) at the 4:05 mark she says that she did not claim that she was the Queen of Christmas.

Colbert, who is usually not known for kid gloving his guests, did not interrupt her to point out “Hey babe, you may not have said it, but you sure as hell did formally apply to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to do so. That sorta sounds like you WERE going for it.”

Couple of folks spoke up, and some even lawyerd up, in opposition to Mariah’s application for the Queen title (click here.) One of those who chimed in was Darlene Love, who for my money, really is THE Queen of Christmas. She merits this title not only for having done several great Christmas songs on an album produced by Phil Spector, but also for her recording of a tune (below) in recognition of how Jewish folks celebrate Christmas.

Of course at Buzzy’s Country Store, Berta will always be our Queen of Christmas -even if she was never too keen on being recorded or filmed:

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