Pittsburgh Ball Parks and Betting

Ravens and Steelers game today at Acrisure Stadium (above) in Pittsburgh reminded me of when Brady and I visited the Pirates’ PNC Park several years ago.

At that game, I sat next to a nice lady who, somewhere in our conversation, informed me that she worked in one of the buildings directly behind the stadium’s right field section. She even pointed out what floor and where her office was situated in the building.

She continued to tell me that her building had been constructed so that all of its bathrooms had windows in them. She asked me “You know why they did that?” After saying “I have no idea,” she replied “So people can pee and see.”

To this day, every time I hear mention made of PNC Park or PNC Bank, I think of that lady telling me that stupid joke.

As for the Ravens-Steelers game today, it marks my first official bet following the opening of Maryland’ s sports betting industry. However, my bet is not thru any of the Maryland Casino operations.

As I was in the process of trying to open an account at one of the betting sites, I discovered that I had not unclicked a block somewhere in the process and that I had inadverntly signed up for video games or something at a cost of $1.99 a month. As I was uttering profanities at the PC and myself for making this dumb mistake and trying to correct it, wife Pam happened by and asked what I was doing. Once I informed her that I was signing up on a sports gambling site, she immediately went into “You-shouldn’t-be-doing-that-mode.”

After some back and forth on the subject, Pam then made me this offer. “Don’t fool with them. I’ll be your bookie. Give me what you want to bet. If you win I’ll pay you, but if you lose I keep it.”

Intrigued by her offer I asked “OK, what’s going to be your cut when I win?” She quickly replied “It doesn’t matter, because you’re not going to win.” Such faith in me, and to think I love this woman.

Long story short, my first bet (or as Pam calls it, my first donation to her) involves the total points over/under projection for the Ravens/Steelers game today. The over/under is set at 35 1/2 points meaning a total score of 35 or lower I win the bet, but anything 36 and above she will take my money. (Note that she won’t be the first woman to ever take my money.)

View From Acrisure

But back to the Pittsburgh Ball Parks for a minute. Acrisure and PNC together are unique in that they are both riverfront parks with great views of the Clemente Bridge and the downtown skyline view. Other stadiums in other cities may individually have such a great view and location, but Pittsburgh stands alone in that both their NFL and MLB ball parks are situated so closely together and share such great amenities. And while I have not yet been to a game in Acrisure, PNC is up there in my list of all time favorite ball parks – even if I have to think of my lady friend’s bad joke about it!

Re-watched and enjoyed the movie Sweet Home Alabama last night. Not a bad movie with a great cast and some great music including this take on the title tune:

P.S. The Ravens/Steelers game will be on at Buzzy’s Country Store today so come join me rooting AGAINST either of them scoring too many points.

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