December 2022

December, of course, is best known for that wooly bully Christmas gig at the end of the month.

However, for the pagans and the atheists among us, the 4 days before all that Holly Jolly bs, the Winter Solstice is the big celebration. In fact, the pagan Dec 21 party was happening long before the Church latched onto the December 25th date as Christ’s birthday (click here).

Most folks understand the Winter Solstice to be the entire day of 21 December; but technically it is a very specific point in time. This year the Solstice occurs on 21 Dec at exactly 4:48 EST, (click here) when the earth’s North Pole is at its farthest point from the sun.

While we don’t have any Buzzy birthdays on the 21st, how’s about we have the Buzzy Christmas Party on the 21st in recognition of the official passing of the Winter Solstice. That is a Wednesday night. We will light the Buzzy tree at 4:48. Stay tuned for more details on that.

December Birthdays for the coming month include Bruce Henry’s on the 2nd; my Brother in-law Jerry Taylor on the 7th; Jason Aldridge also on the 7th; Greg Madjeski the 10th; Jimmy Cullison and Steve Raley the 16th; Jerry Kiger and Mike Fenhagen on the 18th; Pat Birmingham 23rd; Josh Ridgell 24th; BJ Gray 27th; Brian Barnhill the 28th; and Bill Holmes on the 29th.

Christine gone. Very under rated. Loved her.

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