World (Empty) Cup

When I first heard a couple weeks ago that beer sales would be banned at the World Cup, I thought for sure that it would become a big issue and that the FIFA and Qatar honchos in charge would have to lighten up, reconsider and eventually sell some booze to folks who attended the games.

Well, once again I hear myself saying – what the hell do I know? Turns out that the ban has gone fairly well. Folks attending the Cup don’t seem to mind not knocking back some brewskis as they root for their favorite team (click here.)

Let’s just hope that trend doesn’t catch on here at other sporting events.

Budweiser had ponied up $75 million for the rights to sell beer at the event. When the ban decision was made, only a few days before the Cup started, Bud had what I thought was a pretty good tweet on the decision as follows:

However, seems that that comment was considered somewhat snarky and inappropriate, because the Bud bubbas quickly deleted it (click here.) (Is there such a word as awkwarder?) I’m thinking that some lawyers’ calls were made regarding that $75 million rights fee and that some subsequent deals were done (click here.)

Qatar bans alcohol from soccer World Cup stadiums (

Meanwhile back in the U.S., Buzzy’s Country Store will have the games on and you can drink your fill as you watch them. No bans at Buzzy’s where you can have your Cup and drink it too!

I have played the studio version of this song previously, but check out this live take of it. Always like it when the live version sounds pretty much like the studio version:

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