Duos and Duets (What’s the Difference?)

Twofer Tuesday so check out some of these twosomes:

Two coworkers (May 2022:)

Clyde and Colleen Saltsburg (The Other Twosome Behind Them Gary Wood and Eric Brotherton Are Not Coworkers)

Two Guys:

Pat and Randy Guy (Chris McKay and Pat Adams in Background)

Two birthday ladies (2011:)

Lori McKay and Donna Wheatley

Daddy daughter (1):

Brian and Sara Barnhill

Daddy daughter (2):

Buzzy and Donna Jean (50th Anniversary Party)

Daddy daughter (3):

Me – Alfred Hitchcock Sneaking Into My Own Film with Daughter Ryan

Two friends celebrating a birthday:

Lee Carroll and Barbara Stanley

Two ladies posing to sell some of Buzzy’s fine wine to a good friend:

Linda Lepper and Kim Wiley

Father son:

Shawn Checking Santa Dad Shea Out

Two Couples – one married almost 70 years, the other 2 months. See if you can determine who is who:

My In-laws Sol and Stella Greeting Granddaughter Allie and Danny at Their Wedding Rehearsal Dinner in October of This Year

When it comes to duets, Marvin Gaye is most noted for his recordings with Tammie Terrell (click here.) However, before Tammie, Marvin also collaborated with Kim Weston on this classic and other hit songs:

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