Goodbye and Thank You Southern Maryland This is Living

Saw this posted by Mary Lou the other day and as she states I too am sorry and sad to see such a great magazine cease publication.

Buzzy’s Country Store was featured a couple times in Southern Maryland as follows:

In 2000 they ran an excellent article on three Country Stores in our Southern Maryland area and not only had nice things to say about Buzzy’s but also featured this great lead-in photo taken by Robert Gerardy:

This is what they had to say about Buzzy’s in their article:

In 2014, under my watch, Buzzy’s was featured again in Southern Maryland This is Living as writer Rose Talbot wrote this great article on Buzzy’s. (Note that I have included Rose’s article in its entirety not because I am quoted and photographed in it, but more so because I was too lazy to do anymore cutting and pasting today. Also, there is a nice mention and photo of Andy Dent that I wanted you to see:)

Good news is that Southern Maryland This is Living still has their FB page up and running so continue to check out what they have to say (click here.)

Musically, I heard this tune the other day while waiting for a prescription in a drug store and my first thought was “Yuck, another crappy Christmas song to suffer through.” However, the more I listened to it, I found myself tapping my foot along to it and not minding hearing it all. I even enjoyed it. All of which leads me to conclude that I really have become a certified old fart. Pass me the Geritol before I start to drool all over myself.

Check out the controversy on the song’s authorship (click here.)

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