New Year’s Eve Plans

Proof that 8 p.m. really is the new midnight, at Buzzy’s Country Store this Saturday we will start dropping the 10 Ounce Bud at 5 p.m. for our It’s Midnight Somewhere NY Eve Party.

Come early, have a drink of champagne, a bite to eat and you can still be home in time for Jeopardy or whatever else your evening routine does (or does NOT) involve. Life’s evolution right? When you are young, you are thrilled that you are even allowed to stay up until midnight. When middle aged hits you though, New Year’s Eve is more like a chore because you feel like you have to be out and about celebrating with a bunch of other drunks, when really you would rather be home alone. But then, when you get to old farthood, you just want to skip NY’s Eve altogether, stay home and go to bed like you always do the other 364 nights of the year.

With Buzzy’s Midnight-Somewhere-get-together though, you have the best of both worlds – you can celebrate the new year and then be home early enough to go to bed like you usually do.

House keeping interruption here – I did see a semi-funny quote that I have been meaning to pass along so I’ll use it up here since time is tight to do so:

But say you did want to do something neato-spalito on NY Eve, why not check out this Pier 450 invitation:

So here is the plug – drop into Buzzy’s for some laughing and joking and then make your way down to Pier 450 for a nice dinner. Like the Donald said to his black audience when trying to convince them to vote for him “What have you got to lose?”

And speaking of time being tight, this Booker T song has just maybe the tightest grove ever in music history, plus it always makes me feel good. If I could, I’d get up and dance to it.

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