Pier 450, Buzzy’s and Bed

In yesterday’s post I mentioned visiting Buzzy’s on New Year’s Eve and then going to Pier 450 for dinner. I also mentioned going to bed early. Today then, a quick followup on that trifecta only with a little something extra so to speak.

The Pier 450/Buzzy connection reminded me of a young lady who lived in our area but has since moved away. Single, attractive and adventuresome, she used the dating sites to meet guys and would often bring them into Buzzy’s for a visit.

She told me that her metric for judging her newly-met fella was to visit Pier 450 and then bring him to Buzzy’s. She noted that how the guy handled himself in both places would then give her a fairly good idea of what kind of guy he was.

I followed up by teasing her that if the guy felt more comfortable and enjoyed being at Buzzy’s more than he did so at Pier 450, she probably downgraded him. However, she quickly disputed that and said “No, if he can handle Buzzy’s and your crowd, he goes way up in my opinion.”

She then confided to me that she had a third place for her ultimate evaluation and that was in her bed. I started to say something that if the dude was better in Buzzy’s than he was in bed, she probably should move on. However, I sensed that our metrics/evaluation discussion had turned a TMI corner, so I did not say anything more to her on this subject.

Funny thing about this dating trifecta though is that I don’t ever recall the young lady bringing any of her guys back to Buzzy’s for a second visit. Not sure what to make of that.

This tune gives a new meaning to “Blind” Date:

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