Christmas Leftovers

Some Yuletide-related things that I had in the Buzzyblog stocking, but never got around to passing along til now:

The Baltimore Ravens folks sent a not-so-subtle message when their Christmas card featured several of their star players minus one. Shown on the card are J.K.Dobbins, Justin Tucker, Gus Edwards, Mark Andrews and Roquan Smith. Not on the bus, one Lamar Jackson.

Couple of folks commenting invoked more Led Zeppelinesque takes as in “There must be a bustle in the hedgerow.” “Bet this went over like a lead ballon.” “A stairway to hell.” (For you non-football fans, Lamar has not yet signed a contract to play for the Ravens next year creating lots of churn among many Ravens’ followers. Leaving him off of the official team Christmas card seems, well, make of it what you will.)

Then too there there is an exchange of fans’ opinions on Lamar’s performance this season:

And lastly, there was this one titled “Christmas Light Decorations Done!”

Music-wise check out this nice Christmas-themed video filmed in our area and featuring several local artists including Robbie Boothe:

For more info on the other performers and the various locations where the video was filmed stay til the end of the video. (Note former Buzzy employee and good Scotland neighbor Jackie Pratt at 5:10 mark. Jackie and his wife Cindy own Lower Notley Hall Farm. (Click here for previous Buzzyblog post on them.) Also in the video above check out how nice Leonardtown’s Shepherd’s Old Field Market looks. It made me envious that Buzzy’s was not featured. Maybe that will be something for me to work on in 2023 – get Buzzy’s in a music video!

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