Puttin’ on the Ritz

Friends of mine recently celebrated Christmas by meeting up with family members and staying at the Ritz in Alexandria, Va.

I made a comment to them about “Puttin’ on the Ritz.” It led me to wonder about that saying and I found this on Wiki:

Song wise, POTR was never my cup of tea. It wasn’t rock and roll and overall it just sounded a little too sappy to me. I say this even if I found myself humming along to it whenever I listened to it. (Seems that I have a lot of songs in this like/don’t like category. Guess it depends on my mood at the time I hear it.)

To listen to Harry Richman’s 1930’s version of the tune (click here.) To hear a more up to date and jazzier version of the song however, check out the video embedded below.

Herb Alpert holds a rather unique distinction in musical history in that he is the only artist to have ever had a Billboard Number 1 hit with a vocal (“This Guy’s in Love With You” in 1968) and an instrumental (“Rise” in 1979.)

In the following video, look for Herb to make a cameo appearance 3 times, first as the bus driver, then as a barber and lastly as a bartender serving up a drink to his real life wife Lani (video/photo below.) Note too that the video was filmed as a “one shot” in that the entire video was filmed continually without any camera cutaways. Tough feat to do requiring a lot of work.

Speaking of dressing up and stepping out, don’t forget today’s Blue Balls Ride to Buzzy’s. Get those bikes out, dress warmly and ride to Buzzy’s on this, the last day of the year and then do it again tomorrow on the first day of the new year. Say goodbye to 22 and hello to 23.

Later this evening we will be dropping the 10 ounce Bud on the hour starting at 5 pm. Who needs Times Square? Check out this video of a previous Bud drop filmed by Kim Wiley: https://www.facebook.com/100063554110998/videos/1371094639575686/?

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