Happy New Year – Buzzy Birthdays 2023

Several birthdays on the January horizon starting with Teresa Newbold, Carol Norris and Sue Norris on 6 January; LP Mercure the 13th; my Bonus Granddaughter Emma Peterson also on 13 January; Barbara Flatley the 16th; Polock the 19th; Neal Siegel the 21st; Richard Lepper on the 27th;  my Mother-in-law Stella Aroesty the 28th;  Paula Decker the 29th.

January is usually our coldest month but with temperatures for the coming week projected to be in the mid to upper 50’s, maybe you should get out and enjoy this time of year while you can without freezing to death. (That expression has sure taken on a little different meaning given that Buffalo’s death count is now at 38 (click here.)

Tomorrow I will post some photos and video’s of last night’s NY Eve Buzzy’s Bud drop. My thanks to all who showed up and joined in the festivities. Here is to a healthy and peaceful 2023!

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