NY Eve and Day

Very good time welcoming in the new year at Buzzy’s Country Store this weekend.

Buzzy’s “It’s New Years Eve Somewhere Party ” saw us drop the 10 ounce Bud on the hour starting at 5 o’clock. This coincided with it being midnight in Athens, Greece. For that brief interlude in time, all of Buzzy’s patrons were Greeks and accordingly wished each other a Happy New Year while drinking some champagne.

An hour later, at 6 pm our time, we then celebrated it being midnight in Paris. At 7 o’clock, we recognized midnight in London. Here is a video of the Paris drop filmed by my daughter Ryan (photo below.)

Ryan and Mike Fenhagen

Due to the nasty weather, Saturday’s New Year’s Eve Blue Balls Motorcycle Ride to Buzzy’s was a rain out. A couple of brave folks did make the trek however.

Sunday on the other hand, more than made up for Saturday as the weather was great and a number of bikers did pop into Buzzy’s throughout the day:

Including Mr. Lister himself Billy Fitzgerald who did manage to make it to Buzzy’s on both Saturday and Sunday.

My thanks to Pam and Pat Birmingham for all their efforts in organizing this annual event. Sunday was like a spring day at Buzzy’s, only it was New Year’s Day! Good time was had by all.

Speaking of bikes as in bicyclists, a young lady stopped in the Store around 3 pm yesterday having bicycled to Point Lookout and back to Buzzy’s. I asked her how far she was traveling and she said “200 miles.” Turns out she lives in Crofton and when I asked if she wasn’t worried about running out of daylight going back home, she said she had lights. Hope she made it ok. I’d check the local news to make sure there are no stories of any bicyclist accidents yesterday evening, but if it was her, I don’t want to know about it.

OK, don’t want to leave you on that dour note. I do have a lame, but funny bicycle joke that I won’t pass along in its entirety here. (Having been in jail personally, I am trying to avoid FB’s.) But the joke involves a woman getting arrested while riding her bicycle. I won’t tell you the punchline, but here’s a clue – she was peddling something.

And since I mentioned Midnight in Paris check this video out:

P.S. Buzzy’s is open today. Nothing special planned but don’t let that stop you from dropping in. Still have some champagne left and it needs to be consumed.

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