Two Graveyards

Twofer Tuesday so let’s take a look at two very different graveyards I recently checked out.

A Washington Post article published in October of last year discussed why some folks enjoy visiting cemeteries. It was in an article titled “Why We Love a Good Cemetery” (click here.)*

From that article I learned that those of us who actually enjoy our time spent in cemeteries while we are still upright are officially called taphophiles and unofficially “tombstone tourists.” The article also references an excellent blog “Adventures in Cemetery Hopping” and a book titled 199 Cemeteries to See Before you Die.

Of course here in St. Mary’s County we have a number of old cemeteries both Church-connected and those that are located on personal property.

Old St. Aloysius Church Cemetery Entrance

One of my favorite old cemeteries is St. Aloysius Church Cemetery located just off Hollywood-Leonardtown Rd. past the new library on, what else – Cemetery Road. For a restful couple moments out of your busy life, a visit to this place will definitely put you at peace. Off the beaten path and surrounded by fields and woods it immediately puts you at peace with yourself and the world. As for any other feelings or vibes you receive, well, that’s on you.

As the WaPo article states, these visits are not just about a bunch of dead people. In old family cemeteries for example you can see the history of your ancestors. In the Church-connected ones you see tombstones that really are works of art such as Linwood’s and Adelaide’s shown here. (In tribute to Linwood’s love of fox hunting, look for the one running thru the scene.)

St. Michael’s Cemetery, Ridge, Md.

I read the WaPo article back in November while staying with Pam in Johns Hopkins following her back surgery. Someone in the comments’ section of the article mentioned Green Mount Cemetery in Baltimore as being a worthwhile visit.

One morning, while Pam was getting some X-rays done, I visited Green Mount located just north of Hopkins. Because I didn’t want to be away too long however, I didn’t get to spend much time roaming around Green Mount. However, I did find some info here on their most famous graves including Johns Hopkins (click here.) (How’s that for some full circle stuff – we’re in Johns Hopkins hospital and its founder’s gravesight is only a mile or two away?) For a good video look at Green Mount check this out (click here.)

Musically, the following was noted in the Comments to the WaPo article and accordingly, I have included the song below:

*If the WaPo paywall blocks you from reading the article, try visiting here to read it (click here.)

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