A Bridge to Somewhere

Years ago when my friend Rick Brewer first told me about St. Mary’s College’s plans to build a boardwalk across the creek I thought he was joking. He assured me that it was in the funding cycle and that it was being done to ensure the safety of the students walking to and from that part of campus.

Here then is a recent update on the project currently underway.

On my way down the road yesterday, I took this photo showing the latest progress on the boardwalk.

From that vantage point, it really does resemble the tagline “a bridge to nowhere.” (In fact, when the above was posted on the SMC 70’s FB page, someone did make a comment to that effect:)

In Buzzy’s Country Store, I have also heard similar comments and complaints about the bridge. As in many of the Buzzy discussions involving “this-is-a-waste-of-taxpayers-money,” I try to refrain from commenting and just let the pile grow deeper.

However, the other day when someone noted that it was only being built so folks attending the River Concert series would not have to walk along the road, I had to interject that there was more involved than that.

I quoted my buddy Rich telling me how the project was part an overall traffic and safety effort (click here and scroll down.) In addition to ensuring the students’ safety, the goal was to aid the flow of traffic thru the College. And while the boardwalk will certainly be used by folks attending the Friday evenings’ River Concerts, it will be used much more by students on a daily basis attending events and sports activities being held on SMC’s North Field.

Not sure if my attempted explanations held any sway in the Buzzy universe, but at least I tried to clarify just why SMC had initiated the project.

Note: here is a trivia question for you – name the only United States’ capitol that is not accessible by road. The answer is Juneau, Alaska. Ironically, it was the “Bridge to Nowhere” that was intended to resolve that issue. However, once it became so controversial an issue, is was never built. For a good explanation of all that churn (click here,)

But then again, there really is a bridge in California, built in 1935 and it goes nowhere (click here.) Now THAT was a waste of taxpayer money.

Music-wise, over Christmas I re-watched and enjoyed the movie Elf. When seeing this scene again, it made me wonder what Zooey Deschanel is up to. Musically Zooey and band mate Matt Ward continue to perform and record as She and Him. They have recently released a tribute album covering Brian Wilson tunes. (For another good video featuring Zooey interviewing Brian (click here.)

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