Jeff Is Back!

Thanks to Dee Duffy, Jeff Foxworthy is once again back on Buzzy’s Country Store counter where he has commanded much attention through the years. As you see, I am talking about Jeff’s You Might Be a Redneck calendar.

Photos by Jennifer Odell

For several years now, Dee has delivered a nicely wrapped Christmas present containing Jeff’s calendar. She tags it and wishes Buzzy folks a Merry Christmas. (For previous Buzzyblog posts on Dee giving Buzzy’s the calendar, click on the related posts listed below.)

Starting on 1 January, I had a couple of my Buzzy friends comment and ask when was I getting another Redneck calendar. I told them that Dee would deliver and she did! Thank you again Dee.

Jeff’s grandfather was named James, his father Jimmy, his younger brother Jay and younger sister Jennifer. See a little pattern here? It made sense then that he would team up with someone with a last name of Jackson to record the following.

Note that there really was an event/competition titled Redneck Games. The games were held in Georgia from 1996 – 2012 (click here.)

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