Barroom Conversations

A lady named Laurie and her husband were visiting Buzzy’s Country Store the other day knocking back a couple of beers. They have been in the Store several times previously and from talking with them I knew that they used to own a bar in the Outer Banks before one too many hurricanes wiped them out (literally!) and they relocated here.

In the course of our conversation, Laurie told me that one of my Buzzy friends in the Store reminded her of a lady married to a Judge and that they had been among her favorite patrons in her bar in North Carolina. Laurie noted that the wife was very friendly and outging while the Judge was very nice and laid back.

She then went on to tell me how that it was the Judge who had prosecuted Panamanian Dictator Noriega (click here) and had written a book Sea of Greed about it. (The book discusses the 1982 Coast Guard drug raid in Beaufort, North Carolina that eventually led to the investigation and indictment of Noriega in 1988.)

As we talked some more about Noriega and what became of him, Laurie stopped and commented “Isn’t it funny how all this came back to me just because your friend reminded me of the Judge’s wife?” I lauged and said “Well you ran a bar, you know how these conversations are like a road trip – you start here and end up there.”

Speaking of how things spin out, today in Music History 50 years ago, the Number 1 Song (below) belonged to Al Green. Following an ugly incident where his girl friend dumped boiling grits on him and then killed herself (click here,) Al became an ordained minister.

P.S. I just noticed that Al has a Comeback tour scheduled for later this year and will be performing his secular tunes (click here.)

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