Joe’s Enemy Parents

On this date in history, Marilyn Monroe married Joe DiMaggio in 1954. (I have discussed this previously (click on “Clueless Joe” link below.)

Something I was unaware of is that while Joe was serving in the Army, his parents were being treated badly because they were deemed “enemy aliens.”

We always hear about the Japanese internment camps the U.S. had back then and how the Japanese were mistreated. However, Italian immigrants got their fair share of abuse also (click here.) In the case of Joe’s father Giuseppe, who was a commercial fisherman, not only was he prohibited from fishing and therefore made jobless, but also his boat was seized. Talk about adding insult to injury. This from Wiki:

Pretty sad isn’t it? What’s sadder is that we don’t seem to have learned anything from those experiences of how not to treat people who are just seeking to make a better life for themselves. Where HAVE you gone Joe DiMaggio?

As for Buzzy’s Country Store, we do know how to treat you right and there are no enemies nor prohibitions. Drop in and see for yourself.

Feel the need of an upbeat song to try and take this away. (How many songs have you ever heard where the lyric “impresario” was sung? And an important one too!)

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