Football Weekend

NFL Wild Card weekend has six games on tap and spans the next three days. The Monday Night game will feature Dallas vs Tampa Bay aka Boys vs Brady. Here is a little trivia for you, Brady, over the course of his 360-plus games that he has played, has never lost a game against five teams and Dallas is one of them. Minnesota, Atlanta, Tampa Bay and New England are the others (click here.)

At Buzzy’s Country Store I broke out the Buzzy Friendly Football Pool. With gambling so prevalent everywhere now, you would think that I should not have to even worry about having to call it a “friendly” pool anymore, wouldn’t you? (Nor would I have to do such a crappy job of trying to white out all that info on the pool. It’s only rock n roll right!?)

My first thought was to tag the Bengals vs. the Ravens Sunday night game for the Buzzy pool. However, I have a very bad feeling that that game will be one I’d just as soon put behind me as soon as it is over. The Ravens are now close to a 10 point underdog and it could be ugly early for the Purple Posse in Cincy. The Bengals are on a eight game winning streak and are one of the top betting favorites to win this year’s Super Bowl (click here.) Plus, I have read a couple of cynical takes that the NFL would really like to see a Bills-Bengals re-match in the AFC Championship game.

While I don’t necessarily agree with all that conspiracy stuff, it is interesting to note that the Side Judge Referee set for the Ravens/Bengals game was a member of the ref crew this season that called the highest number of Pass Interferences in the league. If and when a series of questionable PI calls go against the Ravens on Sunday night, I’ll do my best Donald impersonation and claim that it was rigged. (Hell, I may even set up a Go Fund Me page for dumb asses to send me money to pursue that claim!)

Buzzy used to have a weekly Redskins pool that I continued initially when I took over back in 07. I eventually stopped however, when it became more of a hassle than it was worth. Now, the friendly Buzzy pool is just done for the playoffs and of course the Super Bowl.

Speaking of terminating, I never knew that Lisa Marie was a singer-songwriter. She released a couple albums, including her debut one in 2003, that featured her first single (below.) Today, that tune sounds somewhat prophetic given how she punched out of here at the young age of 54. At least she outlived her ex Michael Jackson who croaked at 50 years old because, so he said, he had to Beat It. (I know -ugh!)

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