R.S. Bristow Store

A visitor to Buzzy’s Country Store recently informed me of an old country store, R.S. Bristow’s, in Urbana, Virginia that is still in business today.

I did some noodling around on that www machine and found the following:

And now:

Boutique Store Featuring Clothing, Jewelry and Watches

I was not able to find any info on R.S. Bristow himself and how he came to open the store. However, I did learn that Urbana has a lot more going for it than just their Annual Oyster Festival held every November (click here and scroll down.) Worth checking out sometime if you’re looking for a getaway trip.

For a good article that was part of a series of articles on country stores in Middlesex County check this out “Up The County” Country Stores – Middlesex County Museum and Historical Society (middlesexmuseum.com) Note the mention of a Maryland boy who started his store in Urbana – Hurley’s Seafood:

Music-wise, I finally found out the title and artist of this tune that I have heard many times thru the years, always liked, but never bothered to learn about it. Last night however, when it played as we were finishing up dinner, I Shazammed it and now I got it: “Lily Was Here” by Dave Stewart. (That my Granddaughter is named Lily makes this a double treat for me.)

Dave’s claim to fame is primarily his partnership with Annie Lennox in the Eurythmics. (He was recently inducted into the Rock and Roll HoF with her.) In addition to that gig, he has been a long time producer, songwriter and performer of great music including Lily with sax queen Candy Dulfer from 1989. It only took me 30 some years to put all this together. A little slow on the uptake; but hey, I eventually got there right? Next, I got to learn more about Candy.

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