Buzzy’s Coke Cooler – A True Story

As I was looking into the origins of the Buzzy Coke Cooler, I learned that it was made by True Manufacturing located in Fallon, Missouri. I also learned that True is one of the world leaders in the manufacturing of commercial refrigerators.

From their website then, check out how True began in a bar:

I wanted to hear more about Bob being in a bar when this idea came to him so I went looking for additional info on him. I found the following video below. While it does not expand on the bar room part of his story, it does provide a good overview of how he grew up, went in the military, returned home and eventually started the refrigeration business.

Back to the Buzzy Coke cooler, I have another call into the Coke folks trying to ascertain just when they intend to haul the cooler out of the Store. Based on the schedule they give me, I plan to then have a funeral/goodbye party for the Buzzy Coke cooler. (Yep, any excuse for party. Pretty “cool” idea wouldn’t you say?)

No songs to be found involving commercial refrigeration. However there are several about keeping and being cool including this one from Foreigner.

One thought on “Buzzy’s Coke Cooler – A True Story

  1. While still not exactly about a commercial refrigeration unit, the song Convoy has a line that refers to a “reefer” which was or is CB slang for a refrigeration unit.
    Was the dark of the moon on the sixth of June
    In a Kenworth pullin’ logs
    Cab-over Pete with a reefer on
    And a Jimmy haulin’ hogs
    We is headin’ for bear on I-one-oh
    ‘Bout a mile outta Shaky Town
    I says, “Pig Pen, this here’s the Rubber Duck”
    “And I’m about to put the hammer down””

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