Two’s Galore

Twofer Tuesday and I have a couple, maybe even more, examples to pass along.

Knowing that my friend Pat Adams, along with the two Bruces, as in Henry and Stouten, had been over to Chief’s last Wednesday night for dinner, when he came into Buzzy’s Country Store Thursday, I asked him how it went. He told me that every thing had gone smoothly and that they all had had a good time. He said “Something funny did happen when we walked in there though. Some lady pointed us all out and said “Hey look, Buzzy’s guys!” I asked him if he knew who it was, but Pat said he didn’t recognize her. I figured it must have been one of the “Buzzy’s and Back” folks who ride down on their annual bus ride from Chief’s.

On Saturday one of my favorite couples Kellie and George Hinkle dropped into Buzzy’s for a visit

Please Note That I Let Kellie Stay Even If She Was Wearing That Steelers Hat!

Kellie and George live here in the Second District not far from me. She told me that her and her friend Barbara were in my neighborhood just the other night. They were visiting my new neighbor Cara who recently moved in just across the street from me.

Kellie said that they were breaking in Cara’s fire pit and hoped that they didn’t make too much noise doing so. I told her that they did not disturb me at all and that I was making my way up the stairs to go to bed when they were arriving. I also told her that the thought had crossed my mind “I really am an old fart. I’m on the way up to bed while my neighbor is having company just arriving.”

Somewhere in our conversation Kellie and George invited Pam and me to join them for dinner at Chiefs’ as they have a standing reservation at a table for 4 every Wednesday and Sunday nights. That led me to tell them about Pat Adams’ Wednesday night visit to Chief’s. Sure enough, it was Kellie who had announced their arrival in Chief’s as she recognized them from her previous visits to Buzzy’s.

Then to finish up my list of “twofers” I had to smile Sunday afternoon as I was doing the hand off to Chris when in walked my Piney Point neighbor Cara and Barbara for a visit. Barbara recently bought a house down Fresh Pond Neck Road and after having Duncan do some major renovating, has recently moved in. I joked with her and Cara that while each of them had recently moved into different areas of the County, both of them still ended up at Buzzy’s.

All of which leads me to conclude that it really is a small world. However, I am pleased to report that my Buzzy world keeps growing with new friends and folks who enjoy coming into the Store. My thanks to all of them and to all of you reading this for making Buzzy’s a part of your lives. I appreciate it very much.

Music-wise, speaking of the two Bruces above, I am still enjoying the Bruce CD collection “Tracks” that my daughter Reagan gave me for Christmas, Here is a “twofer” outtake on one of those 4 discs in the collection:

Now listen to him doing it live where (1:20) he catches himself screwing it up and makes a joke “Better call them and ask them how to play this bastard!”

P.S. The Buzzy’s Bruce Club is closing in on the Pat Club for having the most members by the same name. In addition to Bruce Henry and Bruce Stouten mentioned above, Bruce Barber and Bruce Price bring the total to four. The Pat Club has five members including Adams, Birmingham, Guy, Stover and Woodburn. On the Buzzy’s ladies’ name side of things, there are a couple of Barbaras, Kims, Karens, Micheles, Lindas and Pams, but no other name(s) that I can think of having three or more hits. May have to work on that by getting more women dropping into Buzzy’s more often! To leave you with a very “painful” joke that somehow seems appropriate – what do you call a man who has marks from getting hurt? Bruce! (Say it out loud if you don’t get it.)

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