Sprott Store and Post Office

Haven’t mentioned any old, historic Country Stores (other than Buzzy’s) recently, so today let’s look at one in Alabama.

The Sprott General Merchandise Store and Post Office operated from 1881 until 2000. I first learned about the establishment from these photos of it on the excellent website Shorpy.com:

To give you a better look at the folks posing on the porch I enlarged it:

Also on Shorpy, I found this info on L.B. Sprott (click here.) Excerpt follows:

Another excellent website included a nice slide show that features several then and now photos of the old building (click here.)

As for how it appears today, there is this 2021 photo and article on it:


I like this photo by Glenn Wills particularly how he kept the old TV antenna in it. However, while that green trim paint sure spruces the place up, I’m not so sure I care for it. Green like Buzzy’s maybe, but not this beach front green.

Note that Shorpy dubbed it the Crossroads Store because of its location at the intersection of two highways. Check out this video that tells a little more about the recent history of the Sprott Post Office/Store.

Music-wise, guess we got to listen to some Alabama:

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